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"I am driven by two main philosophies: Know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others."
- Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Past Projects

  • Stay Alive and Free

    Alive Omega

    A San Francisco doctor developed a revolutionary program to keep underprivileged kids in school and out of prison, changing the trajectory of their lives. But the organization’s name created confusion among donors and the youth themselves, stifling their growth.

    I helped lead a research project that uncovered what made the organization so special. The new name, tagline and messaging was inspired by what youth had to say about the organization and the impact it had on their lives. I also helped them develop new donor communications, including website copy and an annual report, to launch their updated brand.

    Services: Branding, messaging, research, publications, writing

    Alive Omega
    Stay Alive and Free
  • Better Substitute Teaching

    Substitute Teaching

    Substitute teaching is an unloved profession: the pay is low, the training is minimal and it doesn’t get much respect. But students spend nearly one year of their K-12 education with subs, making it essential to invest in this workforce.

    I helped a startup nonprofit working to improve the substitute teaching experience articulate and refine their brand and messaging. Equipped with a clear and compelling way to talk about their work, they are able to reach out to school districts and work with them to make substitute teaching better for everyone.

    Services: Branding, messaging, writing

    Substitute Teaching
    Better Substitute Teaching
  • Financial Aid for College


    Many students have misconceptions about financial aid for college and believe they’re not eligible for aid. That’s why so many students, especially first-generation college goers, don’t fill out the FAFSA — the free application for federal student aid — leaving money on the table.

    In partnership with Wonder: Strategies for Good, I interviewed real high school seniors about their experience filling out the FAFSA, including their advice for next year’s students. I crafted those interviews into stories for financial aid advocates to use for public education and fundraising.

    Services: Messaging, messenger recruitment, content creation, training

    Financial Aid for College
  • Spay & Neuter Your Pets

    Holly Spay Neuter 350

    Spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of pets in shelters, but convenience, cost and psychological factors prevent people from getting their pets fixed.

    I helped implement a campaign to increase spaying and neutering in Reno, NV. Veterinarians were trained and placed as media spokespeople, and I developed partnerships with local pet food stores to spread awareness. The successful campaign was replicated in other regions.

    Services: Media strategy, partnerships, public education campaigns, training

    Holly Spay Neuter 350
    Spay & Neuter Your Pets
  • Protect Teen Safety

    No on 73 Poster 350

    California’s Prop. 73 and 85 endangered at-risk teens by requiring parental notification for abortion. But traditional pro-choice messaging wasn’t enough to sway voters.

    I trained volunteers and organizational spokespeople on the campaign’s unique messaging and developed content for campaign organizing and fundraising efforts. Both initiatives were rejected by California voters.

    Services: GOTV, training, writing, donor communications

    No on 73 Poster 350
    Protect Teen Safety
  • Violence as a Disease

    Violence Disease 350

    Violence spreads like a disease, so the same techniques used to stop epidemics can be used to stop shootings. I led the PR implementation for an exciting but controversial approach to stopping gun violence. I oversaw the launch of the organization’s new brand, ensuring implementation across partner sites across the country.

    I assisted the founder with an acclaimed TED talk and media trained a number of the organization’s workers, many of whom are formerly incarcerated and subject to media criticism. I also helped manage PR crises to help safeguard the organization’s reputation, as well as the reputation of their funders.

    Services: Branding, crisis management, media strategy, messaging, training, video, writing

    Violence Disease 350
    Violence as a Disease
  • Know Your Rights

    Williams Flyer Staple 350

    A legal settlement in California protects students’ basic rights to functional classrooms, qualified teachers and access to textbooks. But many parents are unaware of those rights.

    I recruited, trained and deployed parent volunteers to help other disadvantaged parents know their rights and improve their kids’ schools. I also worked with school districts and local congressional staff to help spread awareness.

    Services: Messenger recruitment, public affairs, public education campaigns, volunteer management

    Williams Flyer Staple 350
    Know Your Rights
  • Trauma-Informed Care

    Trauma 350

    Children need teachers, social workers and other professionals to ask, “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?” To encourage more youth-serving professionals to become trauma-informed, I helped develop a research-backed campaign to show how to become trauma-informed.

    I recruited messengers for a storytelling project and oversaw the production of more than 25 videos and story-gathering interviews highlighting the benefits of being trauma-informed.

    Services: Messenger recruitment, messaging, public education campaigns, research, video

    Trauma 350
    Trauma-Informed Care
  • Health Jobs Start Here

    HJSH 350

    California needs more—and more diverse—health workers to care for its growing and aging population. To introduce California’s young adults to jobs in health, I managed a successful advertising and social media campaign.

    I recruited real health workers as campaign spokespeople and sent them to engage directly with young adults in schools and at events. To drive more traffic and engagement on the campaign website, I oversaw user experience testing, SEO and website redesigns.

    Services: Messaging, online advertising, research, social media campaigns, volunteer management, user engagement strategy

    HJSH 350
    Health Jobs Start Here
  • Health Care’s Blind Side

    Blind Side 350

    Many health problems require a prescription for social services (e.g., home mold removal for asthma symptoms), not just medication. To kick-start more conversations about this issue, I oversaw a news-making survey of physicians on the value of writing prescriptions for social services.

    I led the development of messaging and media materials on the survey. Leading up to the survey’s release, I secured and trained physician spokespeople and managed the multi-person media relations team.

    Services: Media strategy, messaging, project management, publications, training, writing

    Blind Side 350
    Health Care’s Blind Side
  • Giving on Long Island

    Long Island coaching

    Grassroots organizations on Long Island were struggling to attract individual donors, many of whom give to Manhattan-based organizations.

    In partnership with Wonder: Strategies for Good, I oversaw a mystery-donor research project to help the grassroots organizations improve their fundraising. I also developed a written guide and assisted with capacity-building trainings.

    Services: Project management, research, training, writing

    Long Island coaching
    Giving on Long Island
  • Power of Play


    Play helps kids focus in school and also teaches important social skills outside the classroom. But many schools face pressure to cut recess due to budget and disciplinary problems.

    I helped a national nonprofit expand their recess program to schools across the country by securing media coverage in local markets. As they grew, I was part of the team that helped launch their new name and brand, helping them create a new website, videos and other communications.

    Services: Media strategy, branding, messaging, content creation

    Power of Play
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My Story

Smart, reliable & easy to work with

I'm Tamara Murray and Well-Rounded Communications is my one-woman, nonprofit communications shop. I’ve spent more than a decade helping do-gooders get their message out—and get heard. I believe the best consultants are well-rounded enough to come up with smart ideas and execute them.

Social change is in my blood, starting from my grandmother who went door to door to promote family planning in her small Filipino town. My nonprofit communications journey started with stints in-house with the ACLU of San Diego, NARAL Pro-Choice California and The San Francisco Foundation. I was a vice president at Fenton and am part of the network of freelance strategists at Wonder: Strategies for Good and Parker Strategies. I love being a consultant because it keeps my experience well-rounded, which helps my clients get the most out of our relationship.

My other passion is experiencing as much of this wild world we live in as possible. My husband and I love to travel: the gritty kind where you push your boundaries. We traveled full time while working for nearly four years, mostly in a minivan-turned-camper. Nowadays, we’re in Santa Barbara, California where I'm always looking for a trail to hike, stranger to chat with, or new song to learn on the ukulele.

"To those who hunger, give bread. To those who have bread, give the hunger for justice."